JEWISH NOBEL PRIZE WINNERS IN LITERATURE When the news came out in early October that Bob Dylan was getting the Nobel Prize in Literature, it seemed like everyone had an opinion on the decision, with the very notable exception of the songwriter himself. Listed below are recipients of the Nobel Prize in literature who were, or are, Jewish or of half-Jewish descent, as noted.

Great writers snubbed by the Nobel Prize - Telegraph Some writers like Gary Shteyngart and Jason Pinter felt the first American to win a Nobel since Toni Morrison in 1993 should have gone to someone else, while Stephen King, Jonathan Lethem and many others hailed it as a brilliant move. There was something of a scandal when Leo Tolstoy was snubbed for the inaugural Nobel Prize for Literature in 1901. Indeed, 42 Swedish writers and artists.

Literature - Nobel Prize The Nobel committee obviously thought so, as on Thursday (Oct. All Nobel Prizes in Literature. The Nobel Prize in Literature has been awarded 109 times to 113 Nobel Laureates between 19. Click on the links to get more.

The Nobel Prize in Literature The Nobel Prize for Literature has been awarded to Bob Dylan, who becomes the 113th writer and first musician to win the award., Official web site of the Nobel Prize

Bob Dylan Wins Nobel Literature Prize The academy announces the name of the chosen laureate in early October. The Swedish Academy, which makes the annual decision on who will win the Nobel Literature Prize, said Dylan was honored "for having created new poetic.

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