Frequently asked questions <b>Kumon</b> study and materials

Frequently asked questions Kumon study and materials You may have heard whisper of Kumon in the playground, or passed one of its study centres – there are 680 dotted around the UK. How old do you have to be to start Kumon study? How will Kumon help my child with their school-work? Our FAQs answer these questions and many, many.

Private maths tuition & extra English lessons for children

Private maths tuition & extra English lessons for children You mht have some fuzzy understanding that it relates in some way to maths, or perhaps written it off as something for the pushy parent – the kind who, not content with homework, makes their child take extra tuition when they don’t even have exams to study for. Through private tuition in maths and/or English, Kumon improves your child's numeracy & reading comprehension ss; giving them a head start in life.


KUMON Is Kumon where pushy parents send their over-scheduled offspring in the hope of getting them into posh school? How does Kumon work? At Kumon, students study material matched to their ability rather than their age. Every student is given an initial assessment and an.